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Self adjusting compressed air heater for paint application for facial respirators



ASSOTRIS is a patented system, designed to heat the compressed air that feeds the spray gun or other spray equipment used during painting processes or during the applications of other materials that require the use of compressed air guns and/or air mix pumps.

The ASSO TRIS MASK version is specifically designed for use with compressed air supply face masks.
The appliance is equipped with a system that ensures:

  • the ambient air temperature for feeding the mask
  • the heated air to feed the spray gun


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ASSOTRIS is an easy-to-use tool (plug & spray) that allows the applicator to select the temperature required for the process (between the 3 available) and to maintain it for the duration of the cycle. 
The operator himself has the opportunity to experiment and set the application mode to take full advantage of the following plus effects:

  • Better / easier application of the coating material
  • Reduction of risks due to the external environmental temperature
  • Improvement of the distension, adhesion and brightness of the paint
  • Significant reduction of the risk of sagging, the "orange peel" effect
  • Reduction of time out of dust 
  • Reduction of overspray and paint rebound
  • Gradual and possible reduction of solvent use
  • Consequent reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere (VOC)
  • Lengthening of the operating cycle of the ventilation and filtration system filters
  • Application of a higher thickness of the paint with respect to the traditional application methods
  • Use also with water-based and solvent-based paints
  • Use with the usual preferred spray gun

Thanks to the highly innovative content of the project and the technologies used for the construction of the system, ASSO has fundamental advantages compared to other classic heating systems on the market since years:

  • The ability to keep the selected temperature constant, self-adjusting continuously without annoying temperature peaks or "on / off" effects typical of systems using electrical resistances upstream or inside the pipe.
  • No problem with the length of the hose that feeds the gun, because the technology used only heats the terminal part closest to the supply of compressed air, providing the heated air according to the selected option between 30/40/50 ° C  in range of + / -10%
  • Reduced energy consumption, about ten times less than systems that use thermocouples or electrical resistors
  • The small size and low weight allow easy installation in any professional context of use or immediately after drying and filtration systems already present on the plant.