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Our segment: Marine  

settore nautica
settore nautica
settore nautica

Leaders in mobile and modular solutions for leisure yacht production and refit.
Since 2005 we never stopped learning and improving toghether, facing the very different processing challenges to provide the very best systems and compositions tailor made to your key needs of high quality, flexibility and continuous technical improvement of process & materials.



  • Maximal flexibility
  • Mobility and modularity
  • Ease of use in and maintenance also in self-management
  • No working process interruptions
  • Rapid realization and set up times
  • Reduced energy consumption

Our clients  

  • Fiber glass and Metal Yacht builders
  • Refit sites
  • Companies specialized in yacht fairing and painting
  • Companies specialized in sandblasting and painting of yachts and components
  • Companies specialized in painting and sandblasting yacht complements
  • Manufacturers of yacht complements

Working processes